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West Columbia Pike Coalition

Next Meeting

Cleaning Up the West End of the Pike

Thursday June 14, 2018 at 7:00pm
Location: Arlington Mill Community & Senior Center

Featured Speaker:Cecilia Cassidy, Executive Director, CPRO
Also Invited:  County Board Member Christian Dorsey
Embody the West End in a healthy, visually attractive built and landscaped aesthetic environment incorporating art.
We want to help clean up Columbia Pike.
We want to create a visually attractive Columbia Pike.
We want to be involved in landscaping decisions on Columbia Pike.

Thursday May 17, 2018 7:00pm
Location: Arlington Mill 527 A & B
Featured Speaker: Angela Adams, Director of Arlington Public Art
Also invited: Arlington County Board Vice Chair, Christian Dorsey

Priorities list on Meeting Announcement

1 of 3 Top Priorities for the West End Pike Coalition
 Embody the West End in a healthy, clean, visually attractive built and landscaped aesthetic environment incorporating art.
Would you like to see a mural painted on the retaining wall between Greenbrier and Frederick at 5353 Columbia Pike? Would you like to see art featured on the West End Pike bus stops? If yes, what kinds of art?
Do you think the traffic signals should be wrapped with art? If yes, how would you like that art to look?
Would you like to sign up for a walk about to identify potential art sites at the West end of the Pike?

april 16, 2018

Final Report from March 22 Meeting and Next Meeting

Final Report   word doc
Next Meeting Thursday April 19

Location: Arlinngton Mill 527 A & B

friday march 22, 2018 7:30pm
Location: Arlinngton Mill 527 A & B

First Meeting

The purpose of the meeting was to suggest and discuss ideas for improvements along the Pike within the area from the Western Gateway beginning at the county line all the way through to the Village Center at George Mason Drive.

Linda LeDuc opened the meeting with a few announcements which included information about events at the Arlington Mill Community Center and information about the Full Circle Montessori School see below. It was also announced that Columbia Hills Appartments will soon be completed. And that the $15million contract that covers work from the Western Gateway to Four Mile Run for water, sewer and sidewalks is well underway.

Christian Dorsey, Vice-Chair, Arlington County introduced the program for the evening.

Gary Mason led the meeting.

Main Topics

Tell us what you like about living here
Share with us your vision for the future
Express your desires for future activities
Inform us of your interests/issues/concerns

The following is an overview of the suggestions and comments that were made during the meeting. I have placed the information in various groups which is not necessary in the order they were made.

Adams Morgan

The overall look and feel should be something like Adams Morgan in DC. The architecture needs to be more diverse than what has already been built (the newer buildings on the Pike are beginning to look too much alike). The area should be much more colorful, with a lot more going on. More aesthetically pleasing , with fountains and green spaces.

Adams Morgan
Adams Morgan (image from DC Curbed
Adams Morgan
Adams Morgan Day (View on


We need to incoporate art into the Pike. One way this could be done is to include murals, controlled graffiti or street art along the lines of Banksy. This has already been done in Crystal City (see below). Suggestions included two major areas which were the end wall at Goodwill on Columbia Pike and Four Mile Run and the long wall at 5353 S. Columbia Pike. This wall is owned by the county and is a real eyesore. Other sugguestions included the outside of some businesses.
Cecilia Cassidy, Executive Director CPRO suggested using Graham Projects for the public art.

5336 Columbia Pike - The wall is taller and longer than it appears in the photo

Goodwill at Four Mill Run and Columbia Pike

Mural Crystal City
Crystal City (image from Stay Arlington)
Mural Crystal City
Crystal City (image from StreetArt NYC )

Other Street Art from Crystal City


Commerical propery needs to be more attractive. Lobby local businesses to beautify their areas

Co-Working Spaces
Busnesses that would bring more nightlife
Broader range of restaurants
Cafes with outside tables
Professionals with diverse services.
A good balance between day and night activities

Four Mile Run 3/25/2018


Overall the area needs to be cleaner
We need more trash cans especially in Four Mile Run. Quite a few people that live in the neighborhoods pickup the trash in the Park while they are out walking but there are not enough trash cans and they are too far apart (which means we have to carry the trash for quite a while before being able to throw it away).

Cecilia Cassidy, Executive Director CPRO said that until recently there was just one person for the whole of Columbia Pike to clean up trash, sweep, rake leaves and mulch who worked Monday - Friday. We now have two people one whose hours include the week-end. This does not include Four Mile Run.


Coordinate with Baileys Crossroads and Seven Corners Revitalization

Events / Entertainment

More Cultural Events

Block Parties

Annual Signature Event

The Food Truck party was mentioned but it was suggested that the Signature Event be all day have a larger music venue and a better space, simular to the Blues Festival at Columbia Pike and Walter Reed which is held during June.

Rosslyn (image from Arlington County)

Flowers and Street Furniture etc

Street Furniture that is aesthetically pleasing
Install more benches along the pike.
Flowers at the edge of the road and in tubs along the sidewalk.  
Include flowers in the median strip in the center of the road.
Replace and install more trash cans.
Enclose newspaper vending machines in an attractive boxes

We would be interested in getting street furniture similar to Rosslyn's benches, flower tubs flower containers, trash cans.

Rosslyn (image from Arlington County)
Rosslyn (image from Arlington County)

Columbia Pike
image from Fairfax County


More home ownership.
Better looking houses at all price points.
Housing that will attract young people.
Lobby owners to fix up unattractive housing.

Parking Lot at Columbia Pike & Four Mile Run

Park or Businesses

The parking lot at Four Mile Run and Columbia Pike needs to be replaced with either a park or a new building for businesses.

This lot is owned by the County

Pike Plaza

It was asked if  they were any plans to upgrade Pike Plaza Shopping Center . We were told that the owners had no plans for changing this center or selling it in the foreseeable future. .

Trail via Carlin Springs

Although this was brought up during the meeting I have no comments or suggestions about the Trail.

Mural Crystal City
S. Dinwiddie Street


We need the best in the region Public Transportation Network.
Buses extend Operating Hours
Buses should run into DC throughout the day but only one bus goes into DC via the Pike which is 16Y and that does not have any service between 9:00am and3:30pm.
Route: Columbia Pike and Four Mile Run to McPherson Square
Weekday  Eastbound from 5:55am to 9:00am
Weekday  Westbound from 3:30pm to 7:52

The Pike has much more limited service than Clarendon which has a subway and bus service that both go into the DC throughout the day. Also the Pike has the most profitable lines so it also does not make sense that we get the worse service.

We also need a balance between cars and buses, particular in the area next to Arlington Mill Community Center on Dinwiddie. Often it is difficult to get around the buses particulally with the on street parking next to the center.




Farmers Market - Arlington Mill
Arlington Mill Farmers Market
Saturdays May - Oct
9am - 1pm
Grand Opening
Saturday May 5 2018

Farmers Market - Arlington Mill
Saturday May 7
12pm - 3pm
Afternoon of family fun. We provide the chalk, you make the sidewalk your own. With Music, Food Vendors and your creativity.

The Shell Building Greenbrier Street and Columbia Pike

Full Circle School
There was also a representative from the Full Circle Montessori School who gave information about the school, activities and students. The school opened in the fall at the The Shell building which is at the corner of Greenbrier and the Pike.